Business and Professional Women of Upper Perkiomen

P.O. Box 212

Red Hill, PA 18076

Executive Committee Members: First row (from left to right): Seated: Nancy Panza - 2nd Vice President, Jennifer Van Ingen - President; Kimberly Moyer - 1st Vice-President. 
Second Row (from left to right): Melanie Miller - Corresponding Secretary;
Rebecca Boyd - Recording Secretary; Alice Hager - Treasurer; Liberty Dsuza -Asst. Treasurer; Gerry Fioriglio - Parliamentarian

About Us

BPW Upper Perkiomen is located in the beautiful Upper Perkiomen Valley in the communities of Pennsburg, East Greenville, Red Hill, Green Lane, and surrounding area.  BPW (Business and Professional Women)  is an organization formed nationally in 1919 to support equality for women.  Through a federal grant the initial organization "A Women's War Council" was formed to organize resources for women.  Later it changed it it's name to "Business and Professional Women / USA"


Early on three issues addressed the BPW platform.


1.  Elimination of sex-discrimination in employment.

2.  Equal pay for women.

3.  Comprehensive equal rights for women.


•  By the summer of 1920 women earned the right to vote.


•  In the 1940's  BPW/USA developed a classification system for women with specialized skills critical to the war effort and supported the formation of women's branches of the Armed Forces.


•  In October of 1947 the Upper Perkiomen Chapter of BPW was chartered. This began the local support for women's rights in the Upper Perkiomen Valley.  Since then BPW Upper Perk provides $3500-$5000/ year in educational scholarships to women, donates over $1500 yearly to other community organizations, formed and remains active in the 1st Domestic Violence Task Force in the area, and participates in political action for women's rights. 

Benefits of Joining BPW


Peer Support – We take you seriously.


Networking – You have the opportunity to build invaluable contacts with other professional working women in our area.


Political Awareness – BPW keeps you up-to-date on legislative issues affecting women.


Self-Expression – Voice your opinion, make suggestions, and offer criticism in matters of importance to women.


Community Involvement – Help your community through volunteer efforts such as the Domestic Violence Task Force, Thanksgiving Baskets, Operation Santa (Lions Club), Girl of the Month Program, Community Days and the Upper Perkiomen High School Scholarship Program.


Knowledge – Our programs and projects enable women to acquire skills and knowledge beneficial to their careers and personal lives.


Local, State and National Conferences Attend workshops and seminars designed to meet the needs of working women from entry-level career training to leadership and entrepreneurial skill building.