Business and Professional Women of

Upper Perkiomen

P.O. Box 212

Red Hill, PA 18076

The Committees of UPBPW

The strength of our organization comes through the volunteer work of our members.   The saying is true "strength through numbers".  Our members have shown their strength year after year through our many committees that form our programs such as Scholarships, Women's Expo, Women in History, etc. Come join our members and learn how you can give back to others in your community.  

List of Committees
Adult Education Grant - Tina Thomas & Jennifer Van Ingen
BPW Member Education/Advancement Grant - Tina Thomas & Jennifer Van Ingen

By-Laws - Jennifer Van Ingen

Community Days - Jennifer Van Ingen
District XI Liaison - Marilynn Mayer
Domestic Violence Task Force - Vicki Lightcap
Eleanor Knoke Award - Anne Gross
Finance Chair - Nancy Panza
Frontier Girl Liaison - Ginnie Tietjens
Girl of the Month - Melanie Miller
High School Scholarship - Bonnie Beck
Historian - Verona Rodenberger

Individual Development - Gerry Fioriglio, Jennifer Van Ingen & Loretta Pigeon
Issues Management - Nancy Panza
Job Fair - Liz Herman
Key Reporter - Melanie Miller
Local/State Legislation & PAC - Vicki Lightcap & Marilyn Mosheim

Membership -Terry Quatrani & Kimberly Moyer
Nominations - TBA
Oldies Dance - Marilynn Mayer
Open Link Food Pantry - TBA
Perky Pages - Jennifer Patton
Public Relations - Ginnie Tietjens
Restaurant Liaison - Tina Thomas
Scrapbook - Sara Fioriglio
Sunshine - Ginnie Tietjens
UP Green Project - Vicki Lightcap
Webmaster - Gerry Fioriglio
Women's Expo - Terry Quatrani
Women in History - Gerry Fioriglio
Woman of the Year/Employer of the Year - Loretta Pigeon & Marilyn Mosheim
Young Careerist - TBA