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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

20 years ago the Upper Perkiomen Business and Professional Women's club in collaboration with the Upper Perkiomen Police force and The Open Line (now the Open Link) came together to address the issues of domestic violence within the Upper Perkiomen Valley.  The end result of the project was the formation of the Upper Perkiomen Domestic Task Force.  Today through ongoing collaboration with healthcare organizations, women's organizations, law enforcement, legal entities, and social service organizations the Domestic Task Force is stronger than ever in it's efforts to end domestic violence. 

Statistics are astounding.  85% of victims are women.  In the year 2012 over 11,000 women have died from domestic violence.  Domestic Violence is not a single event, it is a long standing issue that occurs every day, every where.  Most victims fall silent due to the fear instilled in them by the perpetrator.  When you add the presence of guns into the violence it increases the chances of death by 500%.  

It is through education that we will end the violence.  Education needs to start with our youth.  In schools programs like End Teen Violence and Dating Violence Education we can help break the cycle of violence in our homes.  Come join our Domestic Task Force.  If you know of someone subjected to domestic violence talk to them, help them get help.  A call to The Open Link in Pennsburg or the Montgomery County Domestic Task Force will begin the healing for the victim, getting them help by moving to a safe place, counseling, etc.  Don't wait another day to get help because it never gets better without help.    

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