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President's Message

As I begin this term as your President, I think back to BPWs first year. They were living in a world that
had just come out of a pandemic. Women had been fighting for a place “at the table” along with dealing
with many of the similar health concerns that we have now. I wonder if they had any idea what this
world would be like 100 years later. I’m thinking about what the world may be like 100 years from now.
Back then, women had little presence in business and politics. As a gender, we’ve made strides in the
right direction, but we want and deserve more. The world 100 years from now, first, I hope that it is still
here. I hope that women have more roles in business and politics, but most of all, I hope that they’ve
learned a lesson that we still struggle with today – being kind.

During this time where we are all struggling with the realities of local businesses fighting to stay in
business; parents dealing with energetic children that don’t have their normal outlets to play and learn
with friends; dealing with those who are ill; wondering if we are doing everything to keep ourselves and
loved ones safe. You would think that knowing we all have struggles would have brought out the best in
us to support one another. Unfortunately, I’ve seen way too much of the opposite. Too many are using
their differing opinions to bully, not to discuss. I’ve seen women turning against each other instead of
lifting each other up.

I am hopeful that I can serve the Upper Perkiomen local of Business and Professional Women as well as
those that have walked in these Presidential shoes previously. These women are great influences in my
life, and they have followed our collect as they’ve lived “be kind”. I will rely on their wisdom and
strength as I begin my journey in this time.

I ask all of you to support each other in this coming year, as we do not yet know what to expect. My
hope is that we can act in some sort of “new” normal, where we can still see each other face-to-face
(even if those faces are partially covered in masks). We’ve come a long way since that beginning 100
years ago. Here’s to making more strides in this coming year!

Love through BPW,
Alice Hager, President